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Marat Karapetyan

Tigran Tuneev

Slava Vinogradov

Dmitri Marasanov

Denis Odud

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Band - The Mood
Music Style - hard R&B
Instruments - 2 guitars, bass, drums
Motto - Never Step Back
Favorite bands - The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, M. Watters
Objective - To get a kick out of music, bring joy to people
Problems - No impossible problems

Marat Karapetyan (vocals, guitar) - 'When you try to please everybody and pay attention to the howling like 'hush the guitar, don't yell into the mike, and don't play so long as it's getting tiresome for the folks' all goes haywire, and I suspect that the principles are stooped for the sake of a deal but the creative work is not about dealing'.

Armen Karapetyan (the bass) - 'You will not believe it but our biggest fan is the dad and I feel as if he plays with us from the floor.'

Tigran Tuneev - (lead guitar) - 'Sometimes it seems that to find a good designer or make a particular picture would be an impossible task and you completely ran out of ideas but suddenly a person materializes out of thin air and not just takes the picture but puts in his talent and heart. We luck out with people.'

Sergei Stukov (drums) - 'All the long time I've been playing, I always have a feeling that this concert is the best, but a new concert comes along with a new challenge and you need to perform over the top, really push it to the limit. When this happens it seems that you feel the breath of life each and every second and you feel like crying with joy. It differs by a person but this is what we experience.'

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