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Information Summary: The Mood

The rock band 'The Mood' originating from the city of Tver (about 140 km north-west of Moscow, Russia) was started in 1991 by its current leader Marat Karapetyan (vocals, guitar). Tigran Tuneev (lead guitar) has been with the band since the very start whereas Marat Karapetyan's younger brother Armen (keyboard) and Sergei Stukov (drums) joined the band in 1994 and 2000 respectively. In 2002 the keyboard was dropped out and Armen Karapetyan switched to the bass guitar.

'The Mood' mostly plays cover versions of the renowned blues and rock performers by giving them a unique spin; self-composed pieces represent about 20-30%. The band's style could be described as hard R&B with a psychodelic twist. The sound and musical preferences of the band lean towards Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zeppelin while the band's vocalist shares kinship with the style of Jim Morrison ('The Doors'). 'The Mood' stands out as the band that gives its compositions a unique spin, keeps its mind widely open to improvisation and is constantly ready to experiment both on stage and in the studio. 'The Mood' did not aspire to make it big in Russia as R&B is not very popular in this country, however, the allegiance to its music philosophy and professional diligence have earned the band a loyal audience.

'The Mood' concentrates on solo performances (over 100 solo performances since 1991), however, on several occasions it teamed up with other bands at the joint performances that did not impress 'The Mood' due to a fairly poor local management. From 1994 to 1997 'The Mood' was a regular performer at the 'City Day' concerts in Tver; in 1996 the band came in second at the regional music contest ('Cool and Cooler') and always topped the list at the 'Youth Spring' festivals (1993-1996). In 1997 'The Mood' played in a 'warm-up' session at the concert of the top Russian blues band 'The Blues League', which paved the way to performances in the capital city of Moscow. However, that same year the drummer Dmitri Buck left the band, which was followed by a 3-year pause in concert performances.
<p>In 2000 'The Mood' revived and dramatically changed its style by switching from soft rock-and-roll to a hard-core blues and rock. A new drummer joined the band and 'The Mood' started to employ show features in its concerts. In 2001 the journalists polled in the city of Tver ranked 'The Mood' as the top local band. At the 'May Woche' festival in Germany in May 2002 'The Mood' playing in half strength (without the drums and lead guitar) proved to be on a par with the European standards of musical artistry. In June 2002 'The Mood' performed as a 'warm-up' band at a joint stadium concert of the two Russian star rock-and-roll bands 'B-2' and 'Spleen', which served as a solid proof of high professional credentials of the band. The concert was attended by a crowd of about 10,000 people and according to the attending producers and musicians 'The Mood' demonstrated a high level of playing skills.
<p>In 2003 the band released its first album 'Waiting for the Train' and in May of the same year 'The Mood' played 3 concerts that had a roaring success at the 'May Woche' festival in Osnabruck (Germany). In August 2003 'The Mood' organized a Russian tour (Moscow, Tver) of the 'May Woche' darling - the German R&B band 'Ritchie & Bluenatics'. The joint concerts with the famous German band were warmly received by the Russian audience. In April 2004 'The Mood' gave a concert in Mazheikiu (Lithuania) and in May the band performed at the gala opening of the 'May Woche' festival. Braving the nasty weather the band pulled a big crowd at its three-hour concert and received good press in Germany.

The most remarkable accomplishment of the German tour was the assessment of the reputable German musicians who called 'The Mood' concerts as 'something reminiscent of theater performances and journeys' that make people live through the songs. The band continues its creative endeavors by recording a second album and getting ready for new concerts in Russia and Europe. More information is available on the band's web site

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