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The Mood: Waiting for the Train

The word ‘musician’ is typically associated with a certain myth – you picture a die-hard ‘edger’ with a towering hair crest and pierced lap or a loony hippie with a pensive look and a guitar under his arm. The word ‘blues rock musician’ brings back the memories of the sweet 70-ies, nonchalant ‘3J’ and Woodstock – ‘the glorious madmen of the earth’.

The Mood’s leader Marat Karapetyan does not look like a madman. He looks like a man of practical mind and rational thinking who quietly does his job. ‘We’ve recorded a new album – says he with certain pride – It’s called ‘ Waiting for the Train’. It purports to convey the feelings of a person standing on the platform. You never know when the train would arrive and where it would head for. Sometimes this uncertainty resembles the life.’ Marat has no special liking for journalists. ‘Some journalists are highly irresponsible’ – says he. So, we’ve decided to let the Mood’s leader to tell first-hand about everything: the band, concert in Osnabruck, mass culture and creativity.

The Band
‘There should be a fairly strict discipline in the band. No cuts on rehearsals, no drinking or (let alone) drug abuses should be allowed. High-caliber music results from long-time efforts. Basically, the current line-up of the band is fairly good. For quite some time we’ve had problems with finding a good drummer. Now Sergei Stukov has been with the band for over 3 years. What we played before 2002 was a completely different kind of music. At a certain point in time I realized that soft rhythm and blues should not be played in Russia. One joint performance with the ‘Blues League’ was enough to realize this. So we are playing blues rock these days. This is not final yet as we are testing new things all the time. The entire band itself is a continuous test. When we start playing a song at a concert nobody knows how it will end’.


We’ve been working for 6 months to be able to perform at the annual music festival ‘Maiwoche’ in Germany. Sometimes it seemed an elusive goal. I just could not believe that ‘the Mood’ was given a chance to do three solo concerts in Osnabruck. My brother Armen, who plays the bass, can take most of the credit for this. Plenty of funny things occurred in Germany, you cannot possibly tell them all. But the fact that we performed on the same stage with various notable rock musicians is a big plus. However, there were quite a few bands in Osnabruck that do not see rock-and-roll as their ‘reason to live’ but a way of expressing themselves. Rock-and-roll is primarily about the feelings. Skipping the undue modesty I can say that our performance made quite an impact. The so-called soft blues is fairly rife. We are a unique band as we play the blues with a heavy guitar sound.

Modern Music

‘I hate the situation that is prevailing in the Russian music. A western-type society is emerging in this country, which by itself represents a good business market. Let’s take for example Britney Spears, I am one hundred per cent certain that teenagers who listen to her songs do not even attempt to reflect on them. In my opinion, the music should help develop a personality and invite a discussion. The modern music culture perfectly fits into the pattern of consumer society. Sometimes you feel as if you are in the realm of emptiness. The vaunted rock-and-pops does not offer anything special from the music standpoint but teenagers listen to it just because it’s cool. It’s even more discouraging that this pop culture has brought about a new crop of people indulging in ‘shock-the-public’ exercises and hollow talk about trivia.


‘There is a very thin line between creativity and hack-work. I do not think that music should be the source of income. Firstly, because a musician will be driven by the tastes of a particular audience. Secondly, continuous concerts and performance of the same songs really tires a person and dampens his creative ability. What makes John Lennon a great musician is that in one occasion he refused to perform for one million dollars in front of teenagers just because he knew that his songs would go unheeded. He would have been a hero, just a flesh for the roaring crowd. Music is unity. You vent yourself out through the instrument by touching the strings and feeling the endlessness. Music is a synthesis of yourself, the guitar and what comes out of it. This is exactly how we wrote the latest album. The album is full of impressions, spirits and feelings. We do intend to move ahead. By recording the album we’ve made a step forward, left a footprint. And we’ve already lifted the leg for another step.’

Zoya Glazycheva

The Tver Times

March 18, 2003

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