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Knocking on Heavens Door to Knock Out Hearts

On August 30 the Tver-based R&B band ‘The Mood’ and the German star rock-and-roll band ‘Richie and Bluenatics’ gave an unprecedented five-hour concert in the city park ‘On the Boards’, which became a most memorable experience for the local community and the city guests. In the opening part ‘The Mood’ guided by its all-time leader Marat Karapetyan poured out the fiery rock-and-roll energy by playing twenty rock-and-roll ‘whammy’ hits. The ‘knock-out ammo’ included well-known ‘block-busters’ of the R&B towering figures like Jimi Hendrix (‘Foxy Lady’, ‘Hey Joe’), Led Zeppelin (‘When The Levee Breaks’), compositions of Dire Straits, Muddy Waters and a few fairly intriguing self-composed pieces. The climax of the performance was the frantic playing of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Wild Thing’ when in the middle of the song the drummer Sergei Stukov was left alone on the stage and literally ‘drummed out the guts’ from the audience with his solo piece.

Ritchie and Bluenatics impressed with their high playing skills. With his unique playing manner Ritchie Arndt (lead guitar) was so reminiscent of the late greatest Steve Ray Voen that the audience was holding its breath. The bass Ens Handrek and the drummer Frank Bestfleisch displayed a stellar performance, which was not altogether surprising. They are both in the list of top five musicians in Germany and have a teaching practice (for instance, Ens Hendrek has as many as 46 disciples). The concert reached the climax when the lead guitars of the bands started a ‘jam session’ and it should be said that The Mood’s Tigran Tuneev was not second best to his renowned German counterpart.

It’s worth noting that the German musicians were thrilled with the jam session to the extent of likening it to the ‘Rolling Stones’ concerts who always perform with ‘free’ vocals and two lead guitars (which was exactly the case in Tver). The joint concert where according to the German guests ‘The Mood’ excelled prompted the ‘Ritchie and Bluenatics’ to have a joint European tour with ‘The Mood’ some time soon. In the interim a new project name ‘Ritchie and BlueMood’ has even been coined.

One should note that in this project ‘The Mood’ has evidently availed of the concert/party hosting experience gained at 2003 ‘May Woche’ festival in Osnabruck (Germany). In closing of the tour on August 31 ‘The Mood’ brilliantly hosted a joint party concert at the Lazurny club. The party was mostly attended by the top local businessmen who really had a ‘blues run for their money’. It’s symbolic that the key host of the club concert (in association with Seliger-Agro Ltd.) was the dad of Karapetyan brothers who being The Mood’s firebrand fan has steadily been regarded as the most enlightened rock-and-roll daddy in the city of Tver.

Hopefully, with the promotion of the ‘Ritchie and Bluenatics’ The Mood’s ‘igniting’ music will capture quite a few European cities. And such concerts will hopefully occur again in our city as the German guests brought a letter of welcome to the people of Tver and particularly its mayor Oleg Lebedev expressing a hope for closer music and cultural ties between the city of Tver and the Land of Lower Saxonia (Germany), home of the Blues Lunatics.

It’s befitting to commend a high level of management and preparations for the concerts, which could never occur without the efficient input of the co-organizer from the German end Armen Karapetyan (the bass guitar of The Mood who studies economics in the Osnabruck University), a most valuable contribution of the Arsenal center team and, of course, the sponsors – Europe Holding, XXLine Telecom and YUKOS Oil Co. that made such an exquisite gift to the city of Tver in connection with the Oil Industry Day.

We earlier wrote that ‘The Mood’ and the ‘Ritchie & Bluenatics’ would be performing their favorite song ‘Knocking on the Heavens Door’ to help us ‘knock on’ the heaven. We are not aware if this really happened but we can say with confidence that ‘The Mood’ and ‘Ritchie & Bluenatics’ knocked our hearts out.

Tver Chronicle

September 06, 2003

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