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It finally happened. The rock-and-roll fans in the city of Tver were presented with a unique opportunity to get ushered into the 3rd millennium amid a rolling thunder of hard R&B. It was all due to the concert that the long-time Tver rock performers - the Mood band - gave at the ASIK youth club on December 30. The author of this letter who to his deep chagrin has not attended the band’s concerts in the past three years (partially due to a 2-year pause that the band took in 1997-1999) has attempted to judge if The Mood have progressed ever since.

Well, my expectations were proved right. Despite a few sound problems and scarce advertising (that really affected the attendance) the concert turned out to be quite an event. The guys poured out the fiery rock-and-roll energy by playing twenty-two rock-and-roll ‘whammy’ hits. The ‘knock-out ammo’ included the well-known ‘block-busters’ of the R&B towering figures like Jimi Hendrix (‘Foxy Lady’, ‘Cross-Town Traffic’, ‘Hey Joe’), Led Zeppelin (‘When The Levee Breaks’), compositions of Dire Straits, Muddy Waters and a few fairly intriguing self-composed pieces. All the compositions were masterly orchestrated and The Mood gave them a fresh spin. One could not help notice the improved skills of all the musicians particularly the new smashing rhythm section starring the drummer Sergei Stukov, who can really contend for the city’s top ‘rock drumstick’ nomination.

But even in this stream of hits what stood out as real jewels were the wonderfully orchestrated classic ‘Summertime’ subtly peppered with the tunes of the Doors and a 10-minute piece ‘Like you do’ (composed by the band’s leader Marat Karapetyan) containing psychodelic motives and a grim chorus action in the middle of performance. The band was able to remake on stage the unforgettable environment of the 70-ies, hey day of the rock music.

In conclusion, I would like to wish the guys every success in the new millennium and further progress in their artistic endeavors. It’s good to know that the rock community of Tver boasts of the band of such a high caliber.

K. Savvidi, music fan
The letter was published in the Tver daily ‘Smena’

September 30, 2000

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